Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I like Adam Sandler movies.

"Click" has received probably the worst reviews of any Adam Sandler movie in the last 10 years.. but what can I say, it totally worked for me. I've liked every Sandler movie (barring "Eight Crazy Nights") and that earned me some flak, but I won't apologize. I was really was into "Click"... Sandler's movies have been getting more and more poignant for me and this is no exception. For those who found the last few minutes of "50 First Dates" touching, that's about the last 30-40 minutes of "Click." Some may find the sentimentality and crude humor mixed together a bit jarring, but I thought it worked just fine.

At the midnight showing I went to, the 75 people in the theater seemed to dig it as well; and once again, the "Talladega Nights" trailer got huge laughs-- I'm telling you, I have a feeling it's going to do very very well, perhaps better than "Anchorman." Anyway, I digress.Yes there's problems with "Click"-- the second half cribs a bit too much from "It's a Wonderful Life," the flabby skin bit was too gross, and c'mon Sandman, enough with the dog humping jokes.

But the first half was very cute and had me laughing at the right parts (the weed smoked prior had nothing to do with it, I swear) and the latter part hit all the right emotional beats for me (my female friend who went with me bawled during the entire last half hour). I can totally see why this movie is getting trashed, and in all honesty, I was expecting to loathe it-- but it charmed me and I think it represents Sandler maturing (if ever so slightly) as he approaches his 40th birthday.

People tend not to love when too much seriousness invades their supposed comedies (see "The Break-Up," which I still stand by), but I think this one is really going to work for audiences in a big way. It's the first Sandler movie that I think works for any audience, most notably the older folks, who are usually turned off. I'm not saying it's a guarentee, but I won't be surprised if this ends up being Sandler's highest grossing movie.Anyway, I must get to bed-- gotta be up for work in a little over 2 hours. But if you've been a fan of any of Sandler's films up till now, I'd be surprised if "Click" doesn't work for you.


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