Monday, June 11, 2007

Goodbye, Tony and Family...

Last night was a brilliant final episode, one of my favorites of the entire series. But I completely know Sopranos fans everywhere today will be bitching about "the worst episode ever."

It's always amazed me that this show has managed to attract a fanbase that is consistently too dumb to really appreciate it.

That closing scene was completely perfect-- and not just because creator David Chase is a master of pissing people off (building tension to its absolute highest level and then ending abruptly) but for all the things it indicates and/or leaves open about each member of the Soprano family. And while I wish we got some sort of real catharsis for Melfi rather than her rushed conclusion in last week's episode, I think our last glimpses of Paulie, Silvio and particularly Junior were perfect.

While people tend to hate ambiguity no matter what, and often it's utilized as an easy way out rather than a logical conclusion, here was an example of ambiguity at its finest. If there was ever a situation that audiences should have been allowed to make up their own mind about, it was this one. I think ambiguousness should be utilized where imagining what you think might happen is more interesting than being shown one explicit scenario, and this was certainly that.

Were they all killed by the suspicious mob guy? The black guys who just entered? Was Tony gunned down in front of his surviving family, much like Phil? Were just Carm, AJ and Meadow killed and Tony left to deal with what he's brought upon his family? Does Tony, Carm and AJ get killed and Meadow's lateness due to her parking mishaps allow for her to be spared? Was Tony just being edgy and in actuality, nobody gets killed? Does the family's seclusion and consequent job opportunities for AJ and Meadow allow for Tony's first genuinely happy moment with his family in years? I don't know, and I think it's better that way. Good show everyone.

"Don't stop believin..."


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