Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"My Best Friend's Girl"

Dane Cook is a douchebag. I'm convinced. I've never found his stand-up funny, but clearly millions do, so my lack of amusement doesn't really amount to much in the long and short of things. But throughout his stand-up, he radiates arrogance, and proud display of his douchebaggery, all snide looks and fratboy superiority. In movie after movie (save "Mr. Brooks"), he's consistently played this exact same "proud asshole" persona , and done it with disturbingly convincing bravado. However, by no means let me allow you to think that it's simply Cook's loathsome presence that brings down an otherwise decent flick. No, sir, this is a bad, bad movie, and almost entirely devoid of laughs. There are about three chuckle-worthy moments, credited to Alec Baldwin (as Cook's fuck-hound father) and one wedding-set moment near the end. The rest is filled with tired sexual gags and sitcom jokes with the words 'fuck,' 'cunt' and 'cock' inserted willy-nilly; there are boatloads of gay jokes took, but I'll let it slide since this is only the third most homophobic comedy I happened to screen this past week, so it pales in comparison. Cook has made worse movies than this before -- "Good Luck Chuck" is hard to top -- and the movie's just crappy, not unwatchable, but it's tough to figure out who thought a romantic comedy populated by people you want to stab (Cook's co-stars Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs have never been more off-putting) would be appealing to watch.


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