Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Spider-Man 3" trailer

June 27, 2006

The new trailer for "Spider-Man 3" was just posted, and man, it's a doozy.
It's a teaser in the best sense of the word-- doesn't show too much, but just enough glimpses at all the shit you're anticipating to get you excited. Topher Grace and Thomas Hayden Church look perfect, and maybe I'm behind on this shit, but I didn't know there were going to be THREE villains in this one-- I knew Harry discovered his dad's Goblin stuff, but I didn't think he'd already be suiting up.

Anyway, this one's going to be attached to all prints of "Superman Returns," which I'll be seeing less than two hours from now. I love the trailer, I love Bryan Singer... I was so looking forward to it, but the reviews have me semi concerned. They're all over the map--- mostly very positive-- Newsday and Daily News gave it 4 stars, but Ebert and the NY Times were not fans. I don't take either's opinion as gospel, but if there ever seemed like an Ebert movie, this is it. Either way, I'm sure I'll be impressed in one realm or another, and I can't wait to see it on IMAX 3D this weekend. When I get back tonight, I'll try to post some sort of review.


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