Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Officially, my least anticipated film of 2008...


Blogger Beau said...

Damn. You must really hate the Keira, no?

9:30 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Eh, I'm not a big fan of the 'giant wigs and big frilly dresses' genre or self-important period pieces, so the promise one of those and ALSO starring Ms. Knightley looks infinitely unappealing to me.

9:56 PM  
OpenID MilkForWhales said...

It's reminiscent of Marie Antoinette, except it's far more serious, and without the whole "last queen of france" bit. Seems very unimportant and hardly memorable.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Oh! This trailer is delightfully awful! I can certainly handle the big costume drama better than the average fella--but the contrast between the 'seriousness' of the clips and the melodramatic music/editing verges on hysterical.

And Jesus-Fucking-Christ: is it some industry requirement that the trailer for EVERY British period drama utilize the same piece of music to underscore the quick-cut montage punch at the end of the trailer?

In the past year alone, the same trailer music was used for "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" and "The Other Boleyn Girl." Hasn't anyone else caught on?

5:06 PM  

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