Friday, March 21, 2008

Movie Review Shortage...

So, yeah, another review-free week. I'm sorry. Last week, I saw stuff but was too overwhelmed with midterms and papers to write full reviews (I hope my capsules sufficed). This week was my spring break so I've been home in New York, and thus was not around Baltimore and missed the screenings for "Drillbit Taylor" (a few reliable sources have told me its mediocre drivel with few laughs), "Shutter," "Young @ Heart" and "Sleepwalking" (a reliable friend, and the trailer, have led me to believe its dull as dishwater).

On the plus, while in NYC, I've caught a bit of theatre, as well as "Snow Angels" (tremendous leading performances, but somewhat disappointing on a narrative level, particularly the last 25 minutes), "CJ7" (flawed but fairly fun, silly Stephen Chow kids film) and "Under the Same Moon" (wonderful for elderly folks looking for a 'nice picture' and hispanics looking for a movie that repeatedly and simplistically says we should open our borders to everyone, but nearly unwatchable treacle for the rest of us).

However, I shouldn't have another week like this until mid-May when my final Finals of college will hit. Until then, I'll do my best to review ever screening my schedule allows. I'll be back in the swing of things next Friday with reviews posted of, at the least, "Stop-Loss," "21" and "Run, Fat Boy, Run."


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