Friday, July 21, 2006

"Clerks II" second time around

This afternoon, myself and a co-worker attended the 2:40pm showing of “Clerks II” at Loews Lincoln Square. He hadn’t seen it yet and I was eager to check out the flick for a second time. I’ve gotta say, the movie really holds up on repeat viewing. If possible, I liked it even more this time and I really think it’s one that’s going to stand the test of time.

I laughed in all the same places, got choked up in the same spot and just thought it was satisfying on every level that one could ask for. I know the reviews have been mostly positive but there’ve been some haters. I could totally see this movie not being everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t imagine someone really hating this movie unless they’ve hated all of Kevin Smith’s movies preceding it.

There’s 4 wide releases this weekend—“Clerks II,” “Lady in the Water,” “Monster House” and “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”—and much to my surprise I’ve enjoyed all four of them (what can I say, I’m easy). However, if I could stress to you one movie to see this weekend, it’d be “Clerks II,” regardless of if you’ve seen the first one. The supremely fun “Monster House” would rate a close second, but second nonetheless.

I’m not saying all will love this movie, but it’s one of the safer bets around for anyone with an ounce of hipness or sense of humor—I plan on checking it out again tomorrow night with a packed crowd, the way it’s mean to be seen.

Side note: the 2:40 show contained about 60 people (yes, I counted) and even with that sparse a crowd, it still garnered pretty unanimous applause at the end. People are really going to dig this movie.


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