Tuesday, January 08, 2008

DGA nominations are in!


  • Paul Thomas Anderson, "There Will Be Blood"
  • Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, "No Country for Old Men"
  • Tony Gilroy, "Michael Clayton"
  • Sean Penn, "Into the Wild"
  • Julian Schnabel, "The Diving Bell & The Butterfly"

It looks like, at least for the moment, “Atonement” might be dead. After a steady stream of disappointments, it really needed this DGA nomination, and it didn’t get it. It could still happen, but it’s not looking good. In fact, it’s looking really, really bad.

The Coens got in for “No Country.” It’s a lock for a Best Picture nominee. Yeah, what’s new? Wow, I can’t believe my fatigue has already set in enough that I can’t get excited about my favorite film of the year getting nominated just because it’s so expected. Anyway, yay for the Coens.

As expected as the nomination for PTA was, I still can’t contain my excitement. No lock yet, but it’s really, really looking like “There Will Be Blood” will get nominated for Best Picture. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Julian Schnabel was always looking like a Best Director nominee, and this nom continues that. I really don’t think “Diving Bell” is getting a nomination for Best Picture, I just think Schnabel’s getting Best Director, and that’s what I’ve thought from the beginning. 

Sean Penn’s been the man of the hour all season, and this continues that line of thinking. I’d say “Into the Wild” is as sure a bet as it ever has been right now. Not a great movie, but it is something special, and I’ll be happy to see it get in.

The lack of “Juno” really doesn’t mean anything, considering people have been (unfairly) leaving Jason Reitman out of any conversation about the movie. It’s overwhelmingly considered a “writer’s” movie, not a director’s. Then again, it’s now missed out on both a DGA and a SAG ensemble award, so it might not be nearly the lock people think it is.

On the other hand, the inclusion of Tony Gilroy for “Michael Clayton” means a whole lot. It’s been there aaaaaaaall season, and I’ve been repeatedly refusing to acknowledge it as a contender. I still don’t quite get it, I think it’s much more “solid” that anything resembling great, but it was always just one major guild award from me thinking it’s a nominee, and this is it. For the moment, I’m giving it “Atonement’s” slot.

Overall, a solid, solid line-up. It’s a shame Burton didn’t manage a nomination (I think it’s safe to say “Sweeney Todd’s” Best Picture chances are dead now), but otherwise, this season is shaping up rather nicely.


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