Friday, January 11, 2008

Opening This Weekend... 1/11/08

In terms of reviews, this weekend, I got none. We have three new wide releases, four wide(r) expansions of films I've already reviewed, and one sneak preview (a second sneak preview at that). Here's a quick look at what your "new" options are this weekend:

opening nationwide:

"First Sunday" -- From David E. Talbert, supposedly a new Tyler-Perry-in-training, comes a zany, wackity schmackity Christian comedy starring Ice Cube and Tracey Morgan as bumbling thieves attempting to rob a church. I actually was looking forward to this movie, as I have a guilty pleasure for "urban" comedies, particularly when viewed in a packed Baltimore movie theater. But, genius that I am, I took a nap that lasted an hour too long and missed the screening earlier in the week. I'll be checking it out this weekend instead.

"In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Seige Tale" -- Uwe Boll's latest masterwork was, shock, not screened for critics, so I'll be giving my money to it this weekend. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment...

"The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie" -- Also, not screened for critics. Despite common sense, I'll be going in a double feature with the Boll flick.


"There Will Be Blood" -- One of 2007's two masterpieces will be opening a little wider this Friday (125 theaters to be exact). It might not be wide enough to be at a theater near you just yet-- it's still clinging to major markets-- but if release patterns hold, it should be by next week.

"Atonement" -- Just in time for it to drop out of the Best Picture race, Joe Wright's semi-epic romance is opening nationwide this weekend in nearly 1,000 theaters.

"The Bucket List" -- The feel-good cancer movie of 2007 at long last expands from 17 theaters to almost 3,000. Schmaltz-lovers in the midwest who've been waiting with bated breath can finally contribute their ten dollars this weekend.

"The Orphanage" -- J.A. Bayona's haunting, touching ghost story expands to 500 theaters on Friday, and it's totally worth your money. While there are some frightening moments, this really isn't the horror movie being advertised. Expect something along the lines of a more emotionally engaging "Dark Water" or "The Others," and you shouldn't be disappointed.

Again, my reviews of the last four can be found in the archives or if you scroll down.

Sneak Preview:

"27 Dresses" -- This Katherine Heigl - James Marsden rom-com sneaks this Sunday night to instigate its likely positive word-of-mouth before it opens. I've already seen "Dresses" and it's painless enough, if completely unmemorable, and it'll surely play well to its audiences, so this Sneak seems a wise move.

Emerging from the land of no screenings, next Friday, I should have three new reviews for you of the films opening on 1/18: "Cloverfield," "27 Dresses" and "Mad Money."


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