Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Eat my nut, "Dupree."

July 6, 2006

Caught a screening of "You, Me and Dupree" (the new Owen Wilson comedy opening next Friday) tonight, and while I can't decide quite yet if I hated it, if I didnt, I came damn close.

I used to love Wilson, and the trailers looked funny enough, but I cracked nary a smile during this thing. Virtually every joke is sitcom level, every significant one was shown in the trailer, and its lack of plot is only exemplify by the movie's constant repetition. Owen moves in with Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson. Owen does something wacky, Kate gets humorously shocked/angry. Repeat, and repeat... and repeat. It never gets any funnier. Michael Douglas is given some potentially humorous stuff to do, but even that fell flat; and for the people who aren't alienated by the halfway point, just wait: Matt Dillon's character soon becomes startlingly unsympathetic and borderline-psychotic.

The real problem with "Dupree" is the script really really sucks, and the filmmakers were just hoping it would get by on Wilson's charm as he turns it into his star vehicle. There's just one problem: Owen Wilson burned up his last ounce of charm a little over a year, so for this to work, the laughs needed to be there and they're just not.

I fear I may not be in line with the masses on this one (I'm having a vague memory of being the only one smack-talking "Wedding Crashers"-- though that at least had a funny first half), but I can only hope people will come to their senses. Hopefully the most praise "You Me and Dupree" will get will be from my parents' friends, who tell them it's "cute" (the same adjective they applied to what may be the worst movie of the year, "Failure to Launch").

Okay, my expectations for "Dupree" weren't monumental, but I had hope it'd be entertaining at the least--- especially with the Russo Brothers (directors of many episodes of "Arrested Development") at the helm. I know it seems I may have lost my faith in cinema already, but if "YM&D" ends up doing $100 million, it'll push me over the edge.

Anyway, about to head out to the midnight showing of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." 4 of the 5 midnight shows are already sold out, so I'm expecting it to be a madhouse. I'm exhausted as shit, so I'll down a Red Bull or two before. I'll try to post a couple-sentence-long reaction when I get back, but I make no promises-- this fucking thing is nearly three hours long!


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