Friday, July 28, 2006

quick thoughts on "The Descent"

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. This is easily the busiest week of my life and I've been exhausted. There likely won't be any updates this weekend either as I'll be in the midst of the Upright Citizens Brigade Del Close improv marathon from today at 5pm thru Sunday at 10pm.

But in the meantime... I saw the british horror flick "The Descent" on Wednesday. It's about six chicks who go spelunking and encounter cave-dwelling creatures who intend to eat them. Basically, imagine a genuinely scary version of "The Cave."

This is a pretty workmanlike horror movie, doesn't reinvent the wheel or anything of the like, but for a change, it's a horror movie that's pretty fucking scary. I jumped more than a few times (which I don't do), and there's a GREAT scare about halfway through that had me shaking for about a minute aferwards.

As with all movies of this type nowadays, the first half is pretty much all exposition and getting to know the characters you're about to watch die. While it works for the most part, I'll admit a bit too much time went by before said creatures made an appearance. By the way, I know some people like it, but I HATE this film's poster-- I just think it's rather stupid and gimmicky.

That said, this is a really effective little horror movie, and anyone who likes a good scare (and I'm not bullshitting-- this movie is fucking scary) and can stomach a plethora of pretty graphic gore should go and have a good time.

Had another screening of a film last night through work that I'm not allowed to talk about. My apologies... also, sorry to be so brief, things are very busy. I'll do my best to start regular updates again on Sunday night or Monday at the latest. Word to your mother.


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