Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What I've been up to...

I'm sorry I've been so severely slacking off in terms of new postings. This entire weekend I was at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre on 26th street... finally got back Sunday night and the majority of yesterday I was prepping for starting up the newspaper again in the Fall. Today I was out of the house all day with a dentist appointment and then saw three movies: "John Tucker Must Die," "The Ant Bully" and a test screening of "Borat." Here's extremely brief thoughts on all three-- I don't think anyone cares about expanded reactions for the first two but I'll try to post a review of "Borat" by tomorrow night:

--"John Tucker Must Die" Not a good movie, but not nearly as excruciating as I was expected. It' s a second-rate 'Mean Girls' and I never thought anything was especially funny or clever, but I was never in pain and it's passable, relatively harmless entertainment.

--"The Ant Bully" What I saw of this animated kidpic was quite bad, but honestly, I slept through most of it. That said, I was none too impressed. Even the strong voice cast (Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, Paul Giamatti, Meryl Streep) made little-to-no-impression-- Cage was the only one who actually did something interesting. And the majority of what I saw had an emphasis on the derivative and/or gross. Your kids deserve better than this; they deserve "Monster House."

--"Borat" One of the funniest movies ever made. My review should be up within 24 hours.

I have 2 more screenings before the week is out but I can't delve into which they are at the moment... On top of those I hope to see "Talladega Nights" before the week is out. More for yas later.


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