Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coming soon... I promise

Okay so I didn't fulfill my promises of reviews and whatnot. Perhaps I just wasn't motivated enough by the material.... but as for the movies opening tomorrow:

"The Number 23" is the silliest movie I've seen in quite a while. Stretches the dumbest premise of the year so far to a very long-seeming 90 minutes. I know it's shocking, but Joel Schumacher has made another crappy movie.

"The Astronaut Farmer" is pretty lightweight, inspiration "follow your dreams" type stuff but it really worked for me. It's charming and inspiring, with a really endearing (to me) anti-authority bent-- watch out for a sharp quip about weapons of mass destruction.

"Reno 911: Miami" I'll be seeing in a few hours... it's only screening the night before opening which isn't typically a good sign, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless since I love the show.

Anyway, I should have my interview with Craig Brewer posted within 24 hours, and should have my Oscar predictions/hopes up by Saturday afternoon at the latest.

In a roundabout kind of way to apologize for my lateness, here's a classic clip from the UK "The Office" for you to enjoy (I tried to embed it, but I did it wrong, so here's a link):


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