Thursday, August 10, 2006

Computer Update!

For the uninformed, my computer has been out of commission for over a week now. Some virus ravaged my hard drive and I've been awaiting a 'System Restore' disc in the mail so I can re-boot. I called up again yesterday inquiring as to why it's taken so long-- apparently, they're out of 'System Restore' discs and are awaiting a new shipment, but they assured me they'll send it out as soon as they arrive. Fucking great. So yeah, my apologies... still no blog until further notice, whenever said disc arrives.

In the meantime I'll just post movies I've seen and their respective ratings--actual descriptions will be held until further notice:

"Accepted" -- B-
"Reign O'er Me" -- A
"The Night Listener" -- B
"Barnyard" -- C
"Talladega Nights" -- A-
"World Trade Center" -- C+
"Hollywoodland" -- B+
"The Descent" -- B
"Conversations with Other Women" -- B
"Half Nelson"-- B+
"Borat" -- A
"The Illusionist" -- B


Blogger Emma said...

Very pleased you liked Reign o'ver me. I've got hopes for that film.

10:22 AM  

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