Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Blog Is Back!

Hey All! I don't know if anyone is still noticing this blog after my nearly two month absence, but I finally got my computer back! The lovely folks at Gateway (obvious sarcasm-- seriously, never buy one; they're awful) have had it for a while and since my cracked screen apparently wasn't covered by my warranty, I was a bit fucked. Anyway, I have it back now.

Things are so tremendously crazy with The Towerlight and attending classes and screenings and days in DC and my living situation, but I will try to update the blog as often as I can. I've seen pretty much everything that's come out up until now, but upcoming movies I've seen since we last talked include "The Last King of Scotland," "Borat," "Shortbus," "Infamous," "Babel," and what was my most anticipated movie of the year, "Little Children."

I'll try to dish out my opinions about them throughout the week-- though it will be very busy screening wise. My screenings this coming week include "The Queen," "The Departed," "The Fountain" and (possibly) "Flags of Our Fathers," plus an interview in DC with John Cameron Mitchell ("Shortbus," "Hedwig"). It'll be crazy, but nonetheless, it's good to be back, and I'm hoping things get back to normal real soon. I feel lucky how early I've been getting the see these movies because it's giving me some sort of idea how certain Oscar races are gonna go (i.e.: Forest Whitaker winning Best Actor).

Okay, I must head to bed-- I will try to update after production day tomorrow night. And please, PLEASE check the video clip of Borat's impromptu press conference in DC on Friday:



Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Just the name of this blog was enough for me ... definitely on the money .. can't wait to see Forest's take on Idi Amin, but I'll have to wait a while .. we just don't get movies that good first-run out here in my little corner of the world

9:36 AM  

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